Don't be left in the cold!

Keep engine oil warm and viscous during engine shut-down. Especially in the winter.

Beat Your Cold Problem with an Oil Heat Transfer Kit

Winter Engine Protection

The Heat Transfer Kit is used when an engine coolent heater is installed to help keep the oil warm and viscous during engine shut down.

When it’s cold outside, the oil in your vehicle becomes very thick and difficult to pump through the engine, slowing the process of heating up the engine.

During engine start-up warm oil is instantly pumped into critical engine components, to help reduce premature engine wear and helps reduce demand on batteries.

Why Use A Heat Transfer Unit?

  Increase oil temperature – up to 20*

Use same grade oil year round.

Less chance of premature ware on engine components during cold starts.

Engine takes less power to start.

Less fuel consumption do to faster warm up.

The kit has an unlimited life span and is totally recyclable.

Does not affect oil temperature on hot days.

Increased productivity.